Zenith Poker has a handful of verified private coaches at a variety of price levels. Here is their contact information:

Thomas Pinnock

Founder of Zenith Poker.

Marcus Abramovitch

I have always played a mixture of different strategy games (Avalon, cribbage, chess, etc.) but since discovering poker, it has been my primary focus. I started playing poker in 2017 towards the end of university when I saw some people playing and I was invited to join. I consistently made some small money in the games around campus due to my natural aptitude. As I was venturing into some home games, I started to learn a bit of poker from what I know now to be relatively bad content and by playing the micros with poor results. A friend introduced me to Zenith in the early days of the site where I learned poker from the ground up. Through watching videos, doing quizzes, hand reviews with people in the Discord (and Facebook in the early days), frequent poker strategy discussions and of course staring at sims, I’ve steadily improved my game and have moved up through the stakes both live and online. I am currently a graduate student in chemistry but plan on pursuing poker once I graduate. My work as a teaching assistant is consistently recognized for its excellence and I have almost a decade of tutoring experience. I am now starting to make videos for Zenith, where I learned to play the game. Message me on discord or email me at if you are interested in private coaching.

Josh Lessner

I began playing poker in early 2018 as I was introduced to the game through a couple fellow math majors on campus. I quickly took note of how clueless everyone (including myself) was as to how to play the game well. This was when I began digging into poker material online and became intrigued by the complexity of poker. I was able to utilize my problem solving skill set to beat the game early on in my development in the live arena but hit a brick wall when I began playing microstakes online. Shortly thereafter I discovered Zenith. In a matter of weeks I noticed drastic improvements in both my knowledge of the game and results. By sticking with Zenith and studying regularly I began playing professionally right after graduation and haven’t looked back. I’ve been climbing stakes consistently and currently play 500NL+ on American sites. I coach both live and online players anywhere from microstakes to high stakes and specialize in teaching a theoretically sound approach to the game.