Big-Blind vs Button 3-Bet Pots

Learn critical skills for playing 3-bet pots, out-of-position or in-position

What you will learn:

  • Key takeaways for winning BB vs BU 3-bet pots.
  • Common betting lines for every flop type.
  • Dealing with multiple streets of aggression.
  • Dealing with different sized continuation bets.
  • Value betting and semi-bluffing in BB vs BU 3-bet pots.
  • Maximizing positional advantage as the Button.
  • Minimizing positional disadvantage as the Big-Blind.
  • Evaluating your hand strength at any node.
  • How to use equity and blockers in BB vs BU 3-bet pots.

Why this course?

Getting more profit from 3-bet pots is critical for your game, as preflop 3-bets are frequently utilized when the starting stacks are 100bb. Understanding optimal attacking and defending ranges is central to playing profitably in 3-bet pots.

This course is designed for players who know the foundations of poker and solvers. They play at low to mid-stakes 6-max cash games such as 50NL to 500NL. They feel like they can beat lower-level donks and fish, but struggle against regular players who may also be studying with solvers.

In this course, you will learn everything you need to know to crush your opponents in Big-Blind vs Button 3-Bet pots. Since this course covers optimal and exploitative play, you can use this knowledge to climb multiple stakes.

This course compiles the most critical ideas for 3-bet pots into lectures and quizzes

Big-Blind vs Button 3-Bet Pots

This course will teach you important skills for playing 3-Bet pots between the Big-Blind and the Button. With 11 hours of video spread over 22 lectures, you will be able to face any type of opponent at any level.

Learn critical decision-making principles for this formation. These concepts are covered in-depth with theoretical examples, and quizzes to test your knowledge.

Price: $200 USD

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