Big Updates to Zenith Poker 2022

Many changes have occurred for Zenith in the past few months on which the community deserves an update. Many have known Zenith as the training site for elite poker content, mainly for free. While Zenith continues to have plenty of free content, the previous model where relatively little content is paid became unsustainable as Zenith grew from a community of a few dozen to a few hundred to a few thousand players. This year, you can expect more content than ever before, but not all of it will be free. In a nutshell, we want Zenith to be a resource where beginning players can learn poker strategy and theory for free or inexpensively. A small portion of the money they win can be invested to advance on their poker journey as they begin to win.

Zenith Poker used to be exclusively owned by Thomas Pinnock. In January, Zenith brought on Marcus Abramovitch and Simon Rudin for organizational operations, business development, customer relations and other miscellaneous roles to help build and grow Zenith, freeing Thomas to focus on producing content.

Furthermore, Zenith Poker has hired Josh Lessner as a coach and content creator for Zenith. He now runs the newly created Zenith University; a subscription-based program focused on helping players turn the poker theory they learn with Zenith into money made at the poker tables. There is a discount for Zenith University, which expires on March 15th.

More details on Zenith University:

Karim Chelli is running a Zenith Mindset Bootcamp. The Bootcamp aims to help players manage tilt, set goals, visualization and balance poker life with the rest of your life.

More details on the Zenith Mindset Bootcamp:

Thomas has been hard at work creating Formations Courses. These intermediate/advanced courses go in-depth into specific poker formations, cover all the major betting lines, and explain what is going on from preflop to the river. The BB vs BU 3bet pot and SB vs BU 3bet pot courses are complete and available to purchase, with CO vs BU 3bet pots and SB vs BB 3bet pots coming soon. Each course contains 25-30 video lessons of ~30 minutes detailing flop play, raising lines, draw-completing runouts, brick runouts, and more. You can expect a new course to be released every few months. Feel free to request a specific formation sooner.

More details on Formations Courses:

Zenith is also committed to more free content this year than ever before. A regular schedule of quizzes being released at minimum fortnightly and in-depth hand analysis videos by Thomas and Josh to be released fortnightly.

Zenith is no longer operating anything as “Early Access”. Instead, there is now a yearly subscription-based “Cash Game Postflop Edge” containing over 3TB of postflop sims. The Lite version contains sims for most typical formations, and the Pro version contains every formation imaginable. Both versions are planned to grow over time. There are always some freely available sims in the library, with more to be added.

Furthermore, some free resources and training resources are hard to find. Therefore, we ensure that these resources are easier to find on the website.

The Zenith website is currently under reconstruction. Some changes have already been pushed out, but you can expect the website to feel like it is getting consistent upgrades over the coming months. Expect to see a more functional and visually appealing site.

Online Cash Elites is a group of advanced online cash players with access to high precision low-rake simulations for mid to high stakes online cash games. It currently contains high accuracy high precision 6-max 100bb deep low rake and 100bb deep and 200bb deep HU preflop simulations. Updates are currently being made to add more HU simulations and high accuracy 150bb and 200bb low-rake sims in the next few months. You can view all these sims in the viewer.

Live Cash Elites is designed for live cash players, primarily those who play live poker for a living. It currently contains 200bb deep, 6-handed straddle simulations and an assortment of exploit simulations for live cash scenarios. Updates are expanding this to 9-handed 200bb deep and adding 8-handed 300bb deep straddle simulations over the next few months. In addition, further simulations are being run to cover exploitative play typically seen in live poker.

Preflop simulations also exist for tournament play at various stack depths and can also be purchased from the shop.

Online/Live Cash Elites and Tournament Preflop Edge can be purchased in the shop.

Lastly, Zenith Poker’s socials will be to be more active. Join our Discord community to learn strategy from thousands of poker players and follow Zenith on Twitter and Facebook.

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